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Frequently Asked Questions Answered in Piscataway, NJ

Q: Can we leave things in our dresser drawers?
A1: No breakables, valuables, jewelry, cash.
A2: Yes you can leave only clothes in the drawers but not over stuffed due to the weight of the dresser. We don't want it to break.
Q: Do you take cribs apart?
A: We do not take apart baby cribs due to insurance liability
Q: What forms of payment are accepted?
A: We accept all major credit cards, bank checks, money orders, cash. Personal checks only accepted for deposit.
Q: Is gratuity included?
A: No, it is your discretion as to how you want to tip the movers.
Q: Do you transport food or liquids?
A: We do not transport any food that is perishable or open. We also cannot transport any liquids, gas cans, paint cans, propane tanks, medication, alcohol.

Moving Tips

  1. Have driveway clear of all cars before the movers arrive.
  2. Have all boxes taped and labeled as to what room they belong in.
  3. Transport all valuables yourself. I.e. Computers, laptops, iPads, iPods, jewelry.
  4. Give mover cell phone number as your home phone is most likely to be disconnected.
  5. Any outside garden equipment needs to be drained of any and all liquids.
  6. Washers and dryers need to be drained and disconnected.
  7. Refrigerators need to be disconnected and empty.
  8. When packing boxes make sure you have enough tape around the box and paper or bubble to protect your items inside.
  9. Make sure all electronics are disconnected. TV's off the wall and remote controls in a place you can locate after the move is complete.
  10. The end of the month is always busiest in the moving industry so please schedule in advance.
  11. When moving into your new home if you want your floors protected please speak with office personal before hand. We can provide floor coverings at an additional cost.